How an ISO Consultancy Can Assist You in Getting ISO 55001 Certification

Assets are invariably the elementary elements of a business. The assets’ functions or the value realised from them are the basis for a business. Those assets, whether physical, human, capital, or intangible, help to deliver the desired products/services. A strong Asset Management System (AMS) is necessary to take care of every asset and to make sure that they perform effectively in the best interest of the business. The ISO 55001 certification is the ultimate key to create and establish a good and practical AMS. By specifying the requirements of the AMS, it ensures proper coordination, planning, selection and classifying of the assets which helps in maintaining them throughout their lifecycle.

Despite the significance of this AMS certification, most businesses still have their AMS improved and certified because of the complexities and higher expenses involved in the certification process. However, without giving up, they need to get a dedicated ISO consultancy that can help them to obtain the ISO 55001 certification in the smoothest possible way. The next section explains how an ISO consultancy assists your organisation in getting your AMS ISO-certified.

Agile Certification Process Followed by ISO Consultancy for ISO 55001 Certification

An ISO consultancy takes you through the following stages to make sure that your AMS is ready for the certification.

Initial Consultation/Discussion

The process begins with an open discussion or consultation where the agency will seek to understand your needs or expectations for the certification. Their expert consultants will then want you to learn about the requirements of the ISO 55001 standard. They will help you to understand how the AMS should be developed depending on your organisation’s size, processes, and types/sizes of assets. Together, you can then define the objectives and specifications for your AMS.


The consulting agency then performs a pre-audit of your organisation’s current asset management framework. It is a gap analysis that helps in uncovering the strengths and weaknesses in your present AMS compared to the ISO 55001 standard’s requirements. This helps in assessing the areas that need improvement. Accordingly, the agency will plan with your managers and decide together the actions needed to mend the gaps and reform the AMS to comply with the requirements.

Planning and Implementation

The consultancy will then provide a detailed guide on improvising the AMS and initiating the certification process. They will provide tailored services, such as documentation instructions, employee training, implementation support, etc. based on the improvements required in the AMS. They can also agree to provide ongoing assistance to help you maintain the ISO certification compliance in the long run.

Stage 1 Audit

Once the implementation of a revised AMS is complete, some assessors from the consultancy start with the process of audits to ensure your readiness for the certification. The first stage of assessment includes reviewing the AMS documentation, measuring the goals, and assuring the role of your management in AMS. With this evaluation, the consultancy can declare whether your AMS is competent and eligible for the certification. The assessors also explain their observations from the audit and coordinate any actions necessary to further enhance the AMS for final certification audit.

Stage 2 Audit

The same assessors or a specific team of auditors from the consultancy then again audit your AMS on-site. They first examine it to ensure that the applied management system is at par with the documented system. Then, they will evaluate the effectiveness of the AMS in managing and optimising the assets, based on the inspections, asset data or relevant records, on-site observations, and interviews. The auditors then present the findings from this second stage audit clearly in a report and discuss them with your management team in a closed meeting. They highlight the areas that need improvement or can be improved for better effectiveness and compliance assurance.

Registration and Certification

The consultants help you get a good certification body or a registrar to apply for the certification. They can guide through the certification registration process and help at fulfilling all requirements before achieving the certification. Following that, the certification body does an external audit and after being convinced that every ISO 55001 regulation is met by your AMS, they will provide the certificate.

Surveillance Audits

After the certification has been achieved, the consultancy can conduct surveillance audits on semi-annually or quarterly basis to ensure that the AMS maintains its compliance with ISO 55001 standard. As the certification is valid only for 3 years, surveillance audits are to be carried out to check your ongoing conformity to the standard’s requirements. They will also conduct on-site surveillance audits to help you discover potential areas of improvement and to focus on sustaining the efficiency of your AMS.

Going through all these stages of the ISO 55001 certification by yourself can be complicated and challenging. However, you cannot deny the need for a good AMS in your organisation to maximise the active life of your assets and ensure greater returns from them. It subsequently helps you to ensure continuously increase your financial performance. Therefore, getting a reliable consultancy that can assist you throughout the certification process is always recommended.

The inspection items for ERW steel pipe

The internal and external surface quality of ERW steel pipe must be inspected with naked eyes or with special equipment.

1 Of course, the simplest inspection method is manual visual inspection, but it requires a lot of manpower and labor is heavy, it is easy to make mistakes, and it is not easy to realize mechanization and automation.

2 The use of non-damage inspection methods is labor-saving and reliable, and can be mechanized and automated; therefore, it has been extensively developed. In recent years, automatic measuring instruments such as thickness gauges and optical pulse diameter gauges have been widely used in the inspection of the geometric dimensions of thick-walled seamless steel pipes. These instruments for measuring the size of thick-walled seamless steel pipes can not only be used for the inspection of finished pipes, but also can be placed on the process line for monitoring and measurement, which facilitates effective and timely control of thick-walled seamless steel pipes during the rolling process. The dimensional tolerance of the seam steel pipe is improved, thereby improving the accuracy of the geometrical dimension of the thick-walled seamless steel pipe and reducing (reduce) defective products with out of tolerance.

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Make A Fashion Statement With These Dresses For Women

This year, our style has changed many times, whether you lived in your loungewear or did more internet shopping than ever. However, having extra time at home, we were able to evaluate what we want in our wardrobes – and now that we settle down in ordinary life, we can understand what is required in our closet and what can be discarded from the same.

We’ve broken down some unique dresses for women. You can start right now to free up space, save money, and look your best.

Bodycon Dress

Even if it hugs you all over, you may still use it to show off your greatest features. You can’t go wrong with this, according to our tips on how to wear a bodycon dress. A strapless Athena burgundy dress or even a halter neck can highlight your toned shoulders and jawline. Choose a length that accentuates your best feature, such as a concise length.

Shapewear is a godsend for women, and there’s no shame in getting a little help to look and feel better. Shaping underwear can make you feel better by flattening a saggy tummy, smoothing bulges, concealing panty lines, and generally making you look and feel better.

If you’re wearing a bodycon dress, don’t ruin the look by wearing flats. Heels will make you look more put-together while also elongating your frame and slimming your silhouette. Pumps, stilettos, and even wedges can be worn, depending on your comfort level. If you’re not a fan of heels, go with comfortable platforms and low wedges. Bodycon is one of the most popular western dresses for ladies. Check out Athena Burgundy bodycon dress with puffed sleeves to achieve a glamorous look.

Maxi Dress

Maxi party wear dresses for women are a year-round wardrobe staple since they are always on-trend and flexible.

An Athena black dress is a floor-length gown that should end just above the ankles. A variety of necklines, including high neck and v-neck maxi dress styles, are available depending on your body shape and personal desire. You can choose an Athena lavender georgette wrap maxi dress with belt and puff sleeves maxi dresses, perfect for wearing in the summer months if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying the sunlight at home or away.

While there are many ways to wear a maxi dress this season, the ideal option is to pair it with a pair of heels. It will make your look more stylish.


Without question, jumpsuits are a bold fashion choice. The all-in-one, head-to-toe ensemble produces a remarkable style that goes beyond a plain dress or pants and top combination and into more trendy territory. So, why do so many women continue to shy away from this fantastic fashionable look? It isn’t usually the most straightforward item of apparel to wear.

Women frequently assume that wearing a dress is their only option while attending formal gatherings. While a dress is the “safe” option for suitable attire, it rarely has the same effect as a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits can be just as elegant and refined as a gown, but they also have an unexpected wow effect that will earn you significant style points.

So, for your following formal function, try wearing an Athena teal one-sided shoulder jumpsuit with ruffle details and venturing out of your comfort zone. Choose a sleek, well-tailored style that flatters your form, then accessorise with modest yet stylish accessories.


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Adopting the one-in, one-out approach, which requires you to take a piece out every time you add anything new, is an excellent method to keep your wardrobe at a manageable size (and sell it or donate it to charity). It will not only prevent your rails and shelves from overflowing, but it will also need you to be a lot more confident in your purchases. You’ll never buy something unless you love it, even if it means parting with something valuable from your closet. Check out Athena women’s clothing online to buy these dresses.

When people go shopping, they frequently get sidetracked and buy stuff they don’t need, which they subsequently regret. So, to be more careful of where and how you spend your money, have a list ready. Do not forget to choose wisely, just like a fashionista!

Innovation Happens When You Are Presented With a Problem

The study of innovation in the workplace focuses on moving beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary success. It is about channeling or harnessing the spirit of your workforce’s optimistic tendencies and pushing the limits of what you thought you were capable of producing or achieving in your business. It is about celebrating your strengths and maximizing your attributes and about moving the needle in the right direction to achieve successes that you never could have imagined. If you look, innovative individuals can be found in every community or business. They will be the individuals or groups that have been given the same resources but for some reason have found a practice or a behavior that enables them to find better solutions to problems.

Innovation theory focuses on demonstrations of excellence when organizations and their members break free from the constraints of norms and perform some extraordinary action. It is advantageous for every company or boss to find ways to get their employees to want to work beyond normal levels because when they do, output levels increase. If employees are involved in pushing boundary limits, higher engagement and increased job satisfaction occurs. Innovation happens, new inventions are thought of and processes are streamlined. Money is saved and new technology is achieved all because someone paid attention to something that was a little outside of what we normally do and said, “Hmmm… your different way seems to be working a little better than the way I have been doing it. Let’s try your way for awhile.” Pretty soon, everyone realizes that the experiment works a little better so it becomes the new standard of behavior. It’s as simple as that. So the question then becomes, how do you keep your performers motivated to keep moving the line of what is acceptable output and raising the bar higher on their own performance? How do you get your people to want to “Think outside of the box?”

There are so many reports, books, seminars, videos and trainings out there to help your company capitalize on innovation. Innovation is such a vague and broad term unless you can manage to tailor it to what works for you and your product or employees. I think what I would want someone to take away from my fascination with the merits of innovation in the workplace is that it is about fostering the spirit of innovation in your employees and building the desire for them to want to be innovative for the benefit of your company. So many companies are trying to compete in tightening economic conditions. With job cuts, increased job responsibility and company closings, streamlining processes, creating new products, expanding on existing ones and finding ways to make your company more successful are all very desirable, especially if your employees are the ones generating the ideas. The key is that it needs to be simple and relatable for your employees. They need to be able to understand it and see how it applies in their world and how it will make a difference if they switch to an innovative way of thinking. It can’t be so complex that there is no buy-in and it can’t be so complex that it takes years to implement and measure. The buy-in does need to be complete and affect all levels of management because leading by example is critical if you are going to change the culture of your business. If you and your upper level managers don’t understand it, you probably won’t be able to explain it or demonstrate it to others consistently.

Wow. The idea of changing how a company thinks still sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? I promise it can be done. I have seen it happen. I can show you examples of companies that have done it. I can show you statistics of companies that have increased their profit, saved countless jobs and revolutionized industries. I can give the names of fifty books that will make you jump up and say, “A ha! That’s it!” But without a simple plan to follow and a place to start, most of you will still feel overwhelmed and a little nervous about making such a dramatic change in your organization. Don’t get me wrong, I want you to feel as strongly about how great an innovative workplace can be. I want you to believe it and want it for your company and your people but if I don’t help you come up with the rough draft of a plan, this will might be just another book with a few great “A ha” quotes.

The dictionary says that Innovation is the introduction of something new. It derives from a latin word innovatus which means to renew or to change. Generally innovation refers to the creation of better products, services, technology or process. The words innovate or innovation have been buzz words for a decade describing everything from Apple iPods to car technology. It obviously isn’t a new concept. Anytime there has ever been a need for a new product or design to make our lives better pr something more efficient, some brilliant person was there to solve the problem. That’s how we got the light bulb, the computer, cell phones, space travel.

It isn’t different when you are thinking about your company. You have (x) amount of people that work for you that are specialists in a certain field or area. These folks know how things work and how to get the most out of your product. Have you ever challenged them to look at something just a little differently? Have you ever pushed them to produce just a few more of something in the same time limits? How about do the same amount of work with five less people?

Most of you are now saying to yourself that there was so much push back. You heard excuses like, “It can’t be done. Impossible.” There was probably some dissention. There might have been grumbling and complaining in the break room or at the water cooler. You might even have people that start looking for new jobs. But what if I told you that if your organization’s culture supports teamwork, loyalty, commitment that there are some studies that suggest lower turnover, absenteeism and higher retention. Companies that foster innovation are also shown to retain and recruit more highly skilled and trained personnel. Why? Because they are engaged in your business and want to succeed. Because they are part of the process and they feel ownership. They have access to knowledge and look for ways to build upon your business’ successes, failures and history. Individuals that are part of an innovative society don’t hear “I am cutting your friend’s job and all the workload is falling on you.” They hear, “We are struggling and there is an opportunity for us to pull together and get over this hurdle.” They hear, “The way the assembly line is working right now is going to work for one person, but if we slow the speed down, one person can produce the same amount of widgets if they work one half hour of overtime each day.” They hear, “If we study the hours that we have highest customer counts and staff accordingly, we can better serve the customer.” Not, “The sky is falling because I have to reduce staffing hours. We can’t make it.” We only think when we are presented with a problem. JOHN DEWEY

Thinking outside the box is a phrase that refers to looking at a problem from a new perspective. It is widely used by management consultants and performance coaches. Analyze or re-analyze the root of your problem and the rules. This will provide and a wider look at different solutions. If moves you to investigate the boundaries of the solution, perceptions and possibilities. Finally, it illustrates that repeating the same process over and over without finding the right answer does not work. You have to look at the situation differently and in a different way in order to see the answer.

It is universally accepted that innovation is a way that companies can insure future growth. Developing a learning type of environment or attitude is critical to encourage this growth. Recent studies have listed a few inhibitors to look out for when building this type of organizational environment. Long development times, a risk avoiding culture, having limited insight to customer needs, poor marketing and communication abilities, poor measurement tools or processes and possibly reduced or inefficient relationships with vendors or suppliers.