5 Presents for Men That Are Out of the Box

With Christmas fast approaching, the age-old question of what to get your man also looms on the horizon. For many, this thought is met with an element of dread. After all, you managed the creativity thing last year, but this year? You thought that last year was scraping the barrel of ideas.

Considering that Christmas is meant to be a joyful season, what can you do to take the stress out? Think outside the box a little. Mens gifts don’t have to be your typical present after all, especially if you’ve been doing this year after year, and though you’re stuck in a rut would dearly love to give a meaningful gift. Break outside of the box a little and think what else would cause his face to light up when he sees it underneath the Christmas tree.

1. Hobbies

Considering your man’s hobbies will help to gauge what genre of Christmas present will be appropriate. Trains, planes, reading, golf or other sports, woodworking, games, collections (coins, stamps, sports cards, etc), astronomy, painting; these can all play a part in considering what gift he’ll appreciate. Consider also what hobbies he would love to do if he had the time or resources. How could you make that happen for him? Make sure it’s something that he would love doing, not that you’re trying to push him into!

2. Activities

Just because we traditionally wrap a present and put it under the tree to be enjoyed on Christmas day doesn’t mean we have to follow these traditions. Some of the best presents for men involve creating memories with your man that last far beyond Christmas Day. If he’s into thrill sports, give him a coupon to go skydiving. If he’d prefer to do something with a friend, organize a day to go for a bike ride or hike together – go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go and pack some of his favourite treats! What other activities would he enjoy but wouldn’t spend the money on himself?

3. Classes/Instruction Books

Is there something he’s always wanted to try out but never had the opportunity? Consider enrolling him in a community class for a skill he’s always wanted to learn or buying an instruction book with practical, hands on activities (thinking particularly of woodworking, landscaping, mechanics, etc). Perhaps buy him some of the tools he’ll need to get him jump started.

4. Wholesome entertainment

If he’s a bit of a family man, consider giving him a gift that the whole family will enjoy. This will give him something tangible, but it will also create memories for everyone to enjoy. Table games, movies (whether on disk or going to the movies), or outdoor games/sports are always a big hit.

5. Gizmos and gadgets

Rather than finding a useful gift, go for something just plain fun and quirky! There are plenty of gadgets around. A Google search will bring up relevant sites that will give some crazy gifts that are great for a laugh. There are plenty of prank golf gifts, card tricks, and just quirky household things. Your Christmas party will have a laugh, as well as your man!

With these five ideas for presents for men, Christmas shopping should be much less dreaded and may indeed turn into an enjoyable experience. Keep his interests in mind, and have fun searching out the perfect gifts for him!