Effective PowerPoint Presentation – How to Use Quotation Marks in Your PowerPoint Presentation

In English grammar, quotation marks (a.k.a. inverted commas) are commonly used in many written materials as a way to identify a conversation or quote one’s saying. Another function of quotation marks is to keep the words of one speaker from becoming confused with those of some other speakers. Now, I’m not discussing further about how to use quotation marks – The main thing is about using them to enhance your PowerPoint (PPT) presentations.

Here are some ideas of using quotation marks to display the following points:

· Mission statement or value that your company or product has to offer

· Sales target or sales goals

· Imperative or a strong statement that no one cannot disagree

If you have a slide which has a short message to convey, insert a related picture as the background of the slide.

For example, use the inverted commas on default italicized Calibri font for this quote – “Think out of the box”. Definitely, you have to insert a picture of a box as the layout of the slide. Most viewers tend to focus on italicized text with the inverted commas – as if it’s a form of conversation.

Most books – fiction and non-fiction books have inverted commas around direct quotations so that it makes the contents livelier. It also applies on your PowerPoint presentation in which putting quotation marks on your short message (or direct quotation) can be livelier than one that doesn’t have any inverted commas.

Is it necessary to insert related picture when put inverted commas around a direct quotation?

The answer is – No. You can use inverted commas on a direct quotation even if your slides have no pictures at all! You can create a template to display your direct quotation such as your mission statement, goals and important facts. Like a normal PowerPoint – it has a title (without any inverted commas) and the content (which is italicized and enclosed with quotation marks).

You can see that the message displayed on your slides tend to look less monotonous with quotation marks. In fact, you’ll use less time in preparing your slides as looking for suitable pictures would be time consuming – that’s a great thing to boost your productivity.

There’s another way to improve your productivity for preparing your PPT slides. It’s a total faux pas to copy all the contents directly from your report or any written materials and paste all of them into your slides. No one would really want to read excessive texts on your slides within short period of time.