Response to the Present Mobile App Development Trends

Technology has been evolving at a brisk pace. One can state that the mobile applications have literally surpassed expectations and resulted in something drastically new. Every year the mobile platforms are housing innovations which have helped end users with several options for information access irrespective of their location.

Most companies who are developing mobile apps are making use of the existing software and technology but a new vision and innovation to the same. Most of the apps are targeted for a sizeable group of people in different sectors, including new businesses as well. The increase in demand of mobile apps has been feeding the requirement for developers and has also prompted the ushering of new talent in the field. The investment for the field has been humungous and with new platforms and integration with social scenario, one can expect a lot of things this year.

The rise in gaming and social apps was expected after the surge in the demand of a social background and connections with people all over the world. The mobile platforms right from Android to IOS to Blackberry and a few more have been keen to bring in new options for digital socialism and the new focus has been on content sharing. Content sharing is expected to boost user experience than ever before. A lot of multimedia avenues are open including pictures, videos and songs which has taken over the mobile internet. It is time for content sharing to extend to various spheres of our work including notes sharing and information sharing.

Mobile Payment apps are on the rise too and even banks are keen to explore this avenue to boost their revenue. Mobile wallet has mostly competed head-on with conventional methods of payment and has been the preferred way for quick transactions. The wallet is expected to overtake the notion of credit and debit card payment and extend it to new scenarios. A single click is now possible for payment of bills. Most bills are now been paid online through the mobile.

App stores have witnessed great apps for businesses and individuals. Businesses are now using apps which help them in streamlining their business along with customization of their sales and strategies too.

Cloud computing has seeped into the mobile app development field and with its strengthening security options, it has been easy for customers to opt for these options. Location specific apps have also assisted many users to make use of good information and services based on preferences, gender and other factors.

In the work area, mobile apps have facilitated mobile workers to remain connected and engaged with the ERP systems installed in the company. Each tailored application has helped the workers to connect, upload and fetch information faster, especially with the need for real-time need of services. Depending on a futuristic mobile platform for a better future is a must. Also, the apps of the future ought to deliver innovative apps which are much more enhanced and interactive in reality. The present trends even dictate a future for artificial intelligence by way of simulated virtual reality programs and the like.

Five Ways To Avoid Your Biggest Presentation Nightmare

Lots of people have visions of crashing and burning when giving a speech. The nightmares seem real, and yet while you may not like presenting and may have had some blunders, you’ve likely not had a presentation-nightmare-come-true like Michael Bay (Director of the Transformer movies, among many others) had in Las Vegas last week.

He was there to introduce a new curved TV from Samsung along with a Samsung Executive. If you didn’t see what happened, let me tell you it was painful to watch. (Adding to the nightmare, once he started to stumble, many phones and tablets started videoing him!) For Bay, an epic crash and burn.

So, your nightmare came true, but someone else lived it. Now let’s talk about what you can do to make sure you don’t ever crash and burn like that. Consider the five points below to be both fire retardant clothing and a fire extinguisher.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. You have heard it before. It is the classic advice. There is a reason for that. It works. One of the best things you can do to avoid worst dream come true is to know your stuff. I’ve heard many people equate their preparation with the completion of their PowerPoint slides. Having slides isn’t preparation, just the cost of admission. Talk through, think through and rehearse your talk. This is the best presentation insurance on the planet.

Nail the Opening. The most important thing to prepare is your opening. This is true for several reasons, including:

Well crafted, the opening is one of the most important parts of the talk anyway. If you get that right, you are off to a good start.

Momentum builds when you start well. Even if you have glitches later, you have made a good first impression and built some positive energy, making it easier to recover (it is no surprise that Mr. Bay had trouble resetting when the mistakes happened at the very start).

You’ll be more confident. If you know exactly what you are going to say in the first 1-3 minutes, you will have more confidence (and that confidence will build with your early success).

Know Your Most Desired Response. Always know exactly what you want your audience to get from your presentation. When you remember that cold you can always just talk about it, even if all the rest of your plans go to Hades. He might not commit the aspect ratios and geek stuff to memory, but his most desired response was to let people know that a cool, smart guy like him really loves the TV. If he would have remembered that, even when the flames were licking his rear end, he would have survived, and maybe even done better.

Technology-be-damned! By watching, and by Bay’s admission, the teleprompter messed him up. You may never use a prompter, but wait, you likely are using PowerPoint, which too many people use as their own personal teleprompter. Be ready and able to go if the technology fails you (and if you do the first three suggestions above, you will be well on your way), because one day, it will.

Prep in place. I could tell you many stories of professional speakers and performers who always want to practice in the actual spot where they will give the talk. At a minimum, you want to stand in the space and get the logistics down. Better, to actually do some of your preparation in the room, on the spot. If I were to wager, I’d bet Bay didn’t do that; but most of the best presenters would. You make your own call.

Do these five things and you might not stop the nightmares, but they will become less scary, because they won’t happen to you.

And one more lesson.

Mr. Bay, and presumably the product, will survive. And so will you. Even if you blunder a bit, or the presentation doesn’t go the way you planned, you will live. And it is how you walk through it and learn from it that will make all the difference in the world.

Reasons As To Why People Are More Inclined To Buy Art Products At Major Artistic Exhibitions

A number of reasons justify the simple truth that people are looking forward to buy art products at artistic exhibitions which are of more importance. Even if art products are available at other shows or in local stores, people still buy a lot less in those other places.

The first reason as to why people are more inclined to buy art products at major artistic exhibitions lies in the fact that such exhibitions give the art buyers plenty to choose from in all respects. Artistic exhibitions are all unique events and it’s merely impossible for the people who go there to simply look at the variety which is offered without purchasing a couple of items. With the opportunities of such exhibitions, people can, for example, very easily find a painting of their liking, because paintings are different and from all styles. People also get plenty to choose from in terms of prices: as there are usually artistic products for all budgets.

Thanks to the variety of products and prices, everybody will be able to find their ‘special’ items. This simply means that willingly or unwillingly, everyone will eventually buy items. Now you can contrast that with the situation in small artistic exhibitions and other places where art products are sold. It’s very simple to understand how smaller artistic shows or small local stores fail to sell too many art products in one month. This happens because of two main reasons. The first reason is that there are only a few types of art products. The second reason is that these products aren’t meant for all budgets. The above mentioned factors really explain why major artistic shows have a huge impact on people, bringing huge sales. The various types of artistic products meant to fit various budgets are everything needed to make people want to buy.

The pocket-friendly, not too low and not too high prices of different art products explains why customers are in an urge to buy art products with the occasion of bigger artistic shows. The artists wishing to sell their products during exhibitions know that competition is bound to be very stiff. So they feel the urge to put their best feet forward, in terms of offering the people who show some interest in their products very nice prices, in order to persuade such people to actually buy the products. It is also worth noting that some degree of haggling is tolerated in some of the major artistic exhibitions, which is unlike the case in most of the other places where art products are retailed, and where prices are typically heavily cast in stone.

The last reason we present now, to explain why people buy art products at major exhibitions more frequently, is that all of the participants have unique opportunities to personally interact with the artist. You can now understand how interaction is only present at bigger artistic exhibitions, because smaller exhibitions won’t allow you to meet artists. Having the unique opportunity to buy the artistic item from the artist directly is something special, an opportunity that many people are looking forward to. While a lot of people will share extensive hours of philosophy on some artistic pieces, only the artists are capable of sharing the exact goal of the pieces in case. Artists all have unique visions on their creations and hearing these visions and ideas from the source will make you want to buy their art items.