The Four Most Influential Webinar Presentation Strategies

If you are thinking about holding a webinar to promote a product or service, there are four types of presentation models that you can use. All of these types of webinars are effective in their own way. Below, I will give an overview of these four models.

In webinar strategy number one, you promote your product to potential buyers by holding a free webinar. The webinar should be informative and is mostly good quality content that is useful to them with a small portion of sales at the end. You can sell either a product or service with this type of webinar. The main point of this type of webinar is that you tell your viewers what to do in regards to your topic and then you sell them your services or your product that will help them accomplish that goal more easily, saving them valuable time and money.

The second webinar strategy focuses on promoting a service. This model is best used in a more complicated sale. Your free webinar will be more educational in nature and will teach people how to do something that they want or need to learn. Towards the end of the webinar, you offer your services to help them with that task. Many people would prefer to hire someone to do something for them if that something requires a lot of time or is very complicated and they have a high degree of uncertainty.

Webinar strategy number three consists of holding a free webinar in order to promote a webinar class. In this model you essentially hold a teaser with your first webinar. You hold a free webinar with some great information about your topic, but only enough to convince your viewers that they want more of what you have to offer. Then you can sell them access to your online webinar class with all of the details of what you are talking about.

The fourth webinar strategy is to offer a free webinar as part of a rolling launch for a product. Basically, in this model you present the same webinar content to multiple groups of people. You are, in essence, continuing to launch your product over and over again to different people, but holding a free webinar.

These are the four models of webinars. Each of them has their own merits in your business and I have used all of them with much success in my own internet marketing business. I will go into a more in-depth discussion of each of these four webinar strategies in subsequent articles.

The inspection items for ERW steel pipe

The internal and external surface quality of ERW steel pipe must be inspected with naked eyes or with special equipment.

1 Of course, the simplest inspection method is manual visual inspection, but it requires a lot of manpower and labor is heavy, it is easy to make mistakes, and it is not easy to realize mechanization and automation.

2 The use of non-damage inspection methods is labor-saving and reliable, and can be mechanized and automated; therefore, it has been extensively developed. In recent years, automatic measuring instruments such as thickness gauges and optical pulse diameter gauges have been widely used in the inspection of the geometric dimensions of thick-walled seamless steel pipes. These instruments for measuring the size of thick-walled seamless steel pipes can not only be used for the inspection of finished pipes, but also can be placed on the process line for monitoring and measurement, which facilitates effective and timely control of thick-walled seamless steel pipes during the rolling process. The dimensional tolerance of the seam steel pipe is improved, thereby improving the accuracy of the geometrical dimension of the thick-walled seamless steel pipe and reducing (reduce) defective products with out of tolerance.

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Restaurant Serving Tips – 3 Basic Steps to a Wine Presentation

Looking for restaurant serving tips? You’re certainly not the only one. Having been in the business of serving people in high scale restaurants and country clubs for many years now, I know that there are some things that you must know to be successful and wine presentation is definitely one that you must master.

Here are the 3 basic steps to a wine presentation

1. The customer has picked the wine that they desire. You bring the wine back to the table and present it to the person who ordered it. The person will then look to see if it’s the bottle that they ordered. He/she will then check the vineyard, style, and vintage.

2. Assuming everything is to their liking, you then proceed to open it. Using a corkscrew, of course, you use the little knife to take off the foil. Always cut under the lip and always keep the bottle with the name facing them. Put in the corkscrew and turn until there is one turn left. This is so you don’t break the cork by going all the way through and pushing out the bottom.

Now take the corkscrew out and put it away. Pull out the cork and place it beside the person. What they should be looking for is a cork that is wet on one end and dry on the other. Preferably wet on the inside, because if it were to be wet on the outside, you’ll know that the bottle has leaked and air has most likely entered the bottle causing it to turn to vinegar.

3. Next, you pour just a little wine into the glass. The person will then swirl it around, smell it, and taste it. This process is done to make sure that the wine is indeed good. When they look at you and give you the okay to proceed, you fill up there glass about halfway.

You then go around the table clockwise, pouring for the ladies first. All glasses are filled halfway up. If it’s a bigger party and they only ordered one bottle of wine, you will pour less, assuring that everyone will receive the same amount. Place the bottle in the middle of the table near the host if it’s red and use an ice bucket for white wine and again place it near the host. Keep an eye on the table and their wine glasses so that you can fill them if need be.

This whole procedure is one of many important restaurant serving tips. Knowing and executing this will definitely make you appear more like a professional, which is what you want to be, right? The more professional, the better the chance for a higher gratuity.